Thermoplastic coating powders

Why choose metal protection coating powders from Plascoat?

Plascoat thermoplastic coating powders protect metal for hundreds of different applications throughout the world. 

Tecno Supply is totally committed to supplying Plascoat high performance powders at the best price.

Plascoat powder coatings:

  • Provide unsurpassed metal protection solutions for demanding environments anywhere in the world;
  • Deliver substantial whole life cost savings;
  • Satisfy the most stringent environmental and regulatory specifications;
  • Cover up to 20% more surface area per kilogram than competing products;
  • Can reduce purchase cost by up to 50%:
  • Require no primer coat, saving you further time and money;
  • Can be applied by a wide variety of coating methods, including dip and spray.

Why use thermoplastic coating?

Thermoplastic coatings offer excellent protection of metal structures against corrosion, wear and tear and chemical attack. They outperform other coatings, especially in terms of extended lifetime, environmental impact and ability to protect metal in temperatures down to -70°C.

  • Capability to satisfy large orders at short notice;
  • Flexibility to deliver bespoke solutions for your specialist coating needs.

Free support to provide the perfect finish

Customers can call upon the Tecno Supply - IBIX technical team for help and advice when it comes to using our coating powders. Tecno Supply - IBIX can offer support via the phone or email and even come out to your site to ensure you know how to apply our products and fulfill your customer needs.

Plascoat products

Plascoat has, for over 60 years, pioneered the science behind thermoplastic polyolefin coatings as well as the engineering knowledge on application and manufacturing.

You can be sure Plascoat products are of the highest standards in the industry, with multiple international and national certifications, approvals and affiliations.

Even with excellent coatings, know-how is still needed to create final client products. Tecno Supply - IBIX 's experienced technical staff are on hand to help you with your queries on work-flow, processing, coating properties, colour matching, application techniques, settings and recycling, and much more.




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