QNix Coating thickness

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Coating thickness measuring systems on metal substrates Fe/NFe.

Easy to use

QNix® systems are renowned all over the world for their ease on usage. The Pc software has been developed to be self-explanatory and user-friendly.

No calibration required

Calibration is not required (it is however possible to make it whether necessary). All the tools are provided with a calibration certificate.

Reliability and strength

Its tested technology allows to the ruby tip probes to make millions of accurate measurements. Strict quality controls guarantee the universal use of QNix® systems all over the world. Moreover, the ruby ensures the strength of the probe and of the whole tool.

Made in Germany

Automation Dr. Nix develops the whole product range in Germany exclusively, in order to guarantee the maximum quality during the entire manufacturing process.


3 years Warranty.

Technical Features

QNix® product range can measure:

  • Fe: it measures non-ferromagnetic coatings on ferromagnetic substrates, such as steel and iron;
  • NFe: it measures non-ferromagnetic and non-conductor coatings on non-ferromagnetic and non-conductor substrates, such as steel, zinc, brass and stainless steel.

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