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The new frontier of Floor Coatings when Polyfusion Flame Spray System cannot be used (e.g. in explosion-risk environments).

Resistant to Acids:

TecnoLiner is acid resistant thanks to a special thermoplastic polymer group which has been used for over 50 years to coat high concentration nitric acid and sulphuric acid containers. For this reason, all natural acids which are used in the food industry, as well as processing acids, do not affect because they are far less aggressive than the acids for which it has been developed.

Resistant to Cold Temperatures: 

When they are formed, TecnoLiner coatings do not undergo any cross-linking: since they are not linked the ones with the others, the molecules of our thermoplastic resins cannot break, as they slide the ones on the others with no cracking; hence, this kind of thermoplastic resins is much more flexible than thermosetting resins and in case of dilatation, their links are not broken causing the typical cracking which is the case with thermosetting resins.

Resistant to Thermal Shocks from -70°C TO +70°C:

TecnoLiner will maintain its flexibility even at low temperatures, thus minimizing maintenance costs. Its resistance to cold temperatures makes it particularly suitable for refrigerated cells and external environments. TecnoLiner offers engineers and designers a global solution to join internal and external environments with one floor-coating without breaking or discontinuity. 

Resistant to water, fats, acids resting on the coating:

Any liquid* which comes in contact with TecnoLiner would not cause fissures or cracks, because the thermoplastic material concerned is a vapour barrier. Since it is antiosmotic, TecnoLiner would not allow liquid particles (molecules) to infiltrate into its material. Therefore, acids, oils, animal or synthetic fats can rest on its surface without causing any damage.

* In case of contact with chemicals, please ask IBIX® for the Chemical Resistance Chart.

High mechanical resistance:

TecnoLiner being very flexible, it can be compressed thus absorbing shocks due to impacts.


Approved for continuous contact with food:

Tests carried out in accredited laboratories demonstrate that when TecnoLiner is in contact with food, molecular migration into food is five times lower than the values admissible by European regulations on food contact materials. TecnoLiner is completely non-toxic, it does not contain any VOCs, plastifiers, nor BFA. TecnoLiner keeps non-toxic even in case of a fire as fume emissions are similar to the fumes emitted by a lit candle.

Typical uses:

Flooring in food industries, refrigerated cells, flooring in chemical plants, in galvanizing plants, coating of containment tanks, flooring in civil buildings. Applicable on concrete, ceramics, fibreglass, wood, steel etc.


  • Smooth;
  • Antislip - without any added media;
  • Antimicrobic;
  • Glow in the dark.

Find out all the technical data and more on our pdf Brochure (1.09 MB) .


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