RotoBlast 3H

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Automatic Inner Grit Blasting Equipment for fire extinguisher cylinders.

General Description

The RotoBlast 3H consists of a carousel conveyor with 3 stations where the cylinders rotate during grit-blasting and air blowing operations.

The equipment features 3 separate lances with specific blasting nozzles for blasting the cylinder top, body and bottom.

The operating cycle consists of 4 phases (3 grit-blasting phases + 1 air blowing phase):

  • Estimated productivity: about 40 to 50 pcs/hour, depending on the cylinder length and steel condition.
  • Recommended abrasive grade: Steel Grit (G40 mesh size) for M30 cylinders.

PLC and Software

The whole working cycle is controlled by a programmable PLC allowing the operator to program and set the following values:

  • Lance speed up and down, individually adjustable for each single lance, thus ensuring maximum blasting flexibility;
  • Cycle time;
  • Pause time for additional blasting at the ring-nut position (particularly useful for example for M74 ring-nuts) and at the welds;
  • A virtually unlimited number of programmable programs for different cylinder types (cylinder length, number of welds, type of ring-nuts etc…).

Operations to be carried out by the operator:

  • Positioning the cylinders inside the cabinet;
  • Starting the automatic grit-blasting cycle;
  • Unloading the inner-blasted cylinders.

Find out all the technical data and more on our pdf Brochure (2.02 MB)


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