Thermoplastic coating of metals

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Flame Spray Coating of Metals

The Flame Spray technology is the only system which can apply powders on site and with no need for a coating line (oven, spray booth or fluidised bed equipment).

It is particularly suitable for coating of metal substrates, since it provides the following benefits:

  • No need for a primer:
  • Anti-osmotic barrier:
    • For outdoor structures such as buildings / constructions, bridges, off-shore sector, nautical applications.
  • Continuous dielectric insulation:
    • Protective coating against stray currents for articles to be buried;
    • Electrical and marine corrosion protection.
  • Abrasion resistance:
    • Abrasion-resistant coatings, high mechanical strength;
    • Coatings for ducts to discharge mineral waste, process water, etc.
  • Chemical resistance:
    • Anti-acid coating for tanks, containers, fittings, industrial plants, etc.

Application Procedure

Surface Preparation: The substrate must be cleaned. Sandblasting is the preferred pre-treatment method, using a grain size which provides a 40-50 microns profile and SA 2.5 cleaning standard.

Preheating: The substrate is preheated to approx. 100°C-150°C (normally the melting point of the thermoplastic coating powder used) using the gun of the flame spray coater (flame only, no powder).

Powder Application: The powder flow is started by turning on a switch located on the gun itself or by pressing the gun trigger. Now the powder is propelled through the gun by dry compressed air and hits the preheated substrate and immediately melts adhering to the substrate.

The coating thickness is dependent on the number of passes. The minimum recommended coating thickness is 300 microns.

Additional coating or repairing will always be possible in time: while coating, after coating is complete, after some time or later.

The flame spray coating cycle is now complete.

Usually, the substrate is air cooled. If needed, you can water quench the coated substrate.

For more information, download the folder FAQ document about Tecno Supply Flame Spray Coating Technology  

Application Equipment

Gladiator Omnicoater and Hercules are the perfect Portable Flame Spray Coating Systems for metal substrates, tanks, vessels, structural steel, concrete flooring, concrete tanks and other surfaces. The most efficient technology to prevent surface corrosion by applying an eco-friendly thermoplastic coating systems on site.

Thermoplastic Coating of Metals - Flyer

Flame spray coating of metals - video



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