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IBIX Srl Tecno Supply Division is official distributor of Plascoat Powders for Oil & Gas pipeline coatings.

Plascoat provides the Oil & Gas industry with a range of high performance coating powders for pipelines, field joints, pipe bends, buckle arrestors and custom fittings.

Plascoat high performance polyolefin coating powders can be applied in the factory or on-site. Typically, it is the welded joints that carry the greatest risk of corrosion-related failure when pipes are connected due to incompatible top coat technologies.

Plascoat Oil & Gas coating powders are engineered to closely match the pipe body coating – ensuring that Plascoat coatings will fuse to form a homogeneous bond with the pipe coating to minimise the risk of corrosion.

They have been developed in order to be applied:

  • As a single coat directly onto steel;
  • As a combined adhesive and top coat in a 3 Layer system.


  • pdf PE 09 (183 KB) & pdf PE 10 (362 KB) Plascoat PE09 and PE10 polyolefin powder coatings have been developed to withstand a wide range of operating temperatures including sub zero conditions. Both can be applied by flock, sinter or fluidised bed methods directly onto steel.


    • Based on an alloy of functionalized polyolefins;
    • Halogen free;
    • Resistant to stress cracking;
    • Combustion fumes are low in smoke.
  • pdf PP 10 (186 KB) - Plascoat PP 10 has been specifically designed for application onto field joints, pipe joints, bends, fittings and pipes. It is mainly aimed at flame spray application but sintering has been used.  


    • Based on an alloy of functionalised polyolefins;
    • Resistant to stress cracking;
    • It does not contain Halogens or Bis-phenol A;
    • It can be applied to clean steel surfaces, over a tie-layer or to partially cured epoxy.
  • pdf PP 20 (119 KB) - Plascoat PP 20 has been specifically designed for application onto bends, fittings and pipes by sintering. It is based on an alloy of functionalised polyolefins, it is resistant to stress cracking and does not contain Halogens or Bis-phenol A.


pdf Plascoat Roughcoat grades (1.20 MB) are the best solution for 3-layer pipe work finishing, offering superior performance and mechanical adhesion/friction to surrounding materials such as concrete, cement, earth and snow.


  • Excellent mechanical adhesion to concrete & cement;
  • Good UV resistance;
  • Customised particle size specifically for your requirements;
  • Dedicated production line.

Depending on your needs, Plascoat Roughcoats are sold in:

  • LDPE
  • HDPE
  • PP

L.E.S™ (Low Energy System)

pdf Plascoat® L.E.S™ (235 KB) is a complete field joint coating system for polypropylene 3 layer coated pipes. The system includes a liquid epoxy primer followed by a functional polypropylene top coat. The easy to use epoxy will provide excellent anti-corrosion performance and the polypropylene layer will have excellent adhesion to the epoxy layer and will also fuse to the polypropylene on the pipe body. 


  • Less energy usage as pre-heat temperatures are much lower compared with conventional FBE systems;
  • Less time to apply as the field joint can be coated in minutes using this system;
  • Less cost as the system requires no expensive investment in heavy equipment;


Spartacus Oil & Gas is the Perfect Flame Spray Coating System for pipe contractors.


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