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Oil & Gas coatings systems and technologies must feature some essential qualities, like reliability, consistency, controllability, repeatability and high performance, maintaining at the same time the key coating properties as adhesion, integrity and flexibility.

What is 3 Layer Coating?

  • A combination of a FBE over coated with a polyolefin adhesive tie layer and a Polyolefin build coat has been found to provide optimum performance;
  • Polyethylene – delivers mechanical protection from low to mid temperatures performance (-40°C to +80°C). Applications: cold climates gas transmission;
  • Polypropylene – ensures improved mechanical performance at high temperatures (0°C to +110°C). Applications: heavy oil (hot) extraction, directional drilling.

Why use 3 Layer Polyethylene?

  • Polyethylene is a tough and relatively low cost Polyolefin;
  • Polyethylene remains flexible even at very low temperature (can be formulated to withstand -70°C);
  • Polyethylene is commonly used on overland pipes particularly in cold climates.

Why use 3 Layer Polypropylene?

  • Polypropylene is generally accepted as the optimum 3 layer system;
  • PP is tougher than PE and will stand higher temperature (but will not perform well in cold climates);
  • As Oil is getting more remote and heavier, to extract it you need to heat the oil;
  • Three layer PP is the recognised system for hot pipes;
  • PP is normally chosen for sub sea applications.

Equipment and Applications

Spartacus Oil & Gas is the perfect flame spray coating system for pipe contractors for PP (Polypropylene) & PE (Polyethylene) flame spray coating of:

  • Field Joints
  • Filed Joints of HDD systems and Tie ins
  • Pipe bends and buckle arrestors 
  • PP and PE coating repairs

Find out about the major powder grades compatible with Spartacus Oil & Gas Flame Spray System.


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