New EcoCoating - Saudi Arabia

Innovative Products and Services for the Anticorrosive Coating Industry

On Tuesday 26th of May 2015, over one hundred Saudi Arabian technicians, engineers and other professionals working in the metal and concrete corrosion protection industry met in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, to celebrate the launching of a new Tecno Supply partner’s division for Eco-Friendly Thermoplastic Coatings.

EcoCoating is the new, exclusive distributor of Tecno Supply latest Technology in Thermoplastic Coating Systems for innovative, environmentally-friendly and long lasting Waterproof Protective Coatings.

EcoCoating’s main purpose is to develop a proper franchise network with IBIX-Tecno Supply Hercules and Spartacus Portable Thermoplastic Flame Spray Coating Technology for Concrete and Metals. 

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